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Description of Recom Motor Control Switches
RECOM Motor Control Switches are of Cam Operated Double Break contacts and are suitable to directly start, reverse, star-delta, 2 speed operations of 3-Phase Motors and are available in 10 A(l H.P.), 16A(3 H.P.), 20 A(5 H.P.), 25A(7.5 H.P), 32A(10 H.P), 40 A(12.5 H.P.) And 50A(15 H.P.) Rating. These are available in TWO types of Enclosures viz. Sheet Steel and Engineering Thermo Plastic moulded, fitted with suitable white engraved legends on black skirt and indexable Ball Handle. Switches of higher rating viz. 63A, 80A, 100A and 125A are suitable for MOTOR DUTY conforming to AC - 23 A utilization category to switch-on Motors of 22 KW (63 A), 30 KW (80 A), 37KW(100A) and 45 KW (125 A) respectively. These conform to ISS:13947 Pt. 3 & 5, utilization category AC - 23 A & AC-3 to directly Switch-on and to AC-4 utilization category to reverse, inching, star-delta starting and 2-speed Dahlander wound motors and 2-speed reversing with off and have been Tested and Certified at the Short Circuit Testing Laboratory of C.P.R.I., Bangalore. Switches have very long Electrical life of over 1 lakh operations. The plastic moulded enclosures are weather and dust-proof due to provision of neoprene rubber "O" ring sealing between the housing and cover and on the metal shaft projecting out of the housing. For sheet steel enclosure, neoprene rubber grooved gasket is to be provided.

Standard range of Motor Control switches cover 7 basic switching combinations in each series of MC 16 and MC32 viz :

  • Off/On
  • Reversing
  • Star-Delta
  • System Selector
  • 2 Speed Pole Changing - Seperate Windings
  • 2 Speed Pole Changing - Dahlander Windings
  • 2 Speed Reversing Pole Changing.

In addition to the standard range listed, switches are also made-to-order with features of Spring Return and combination of Stay-put/Spring return and any complex switching configuration which the applications demand and the design permits.

Operating Angle
Switches are manufactured for operating angle of 45° between position as a standard/Against specific requirements, Switches with 60° or 90° operating angle are also manufactured.

Terminals and Connections
Switches have recessed type terminals designed for straightened wire connections by means of M4 size screws and clamped tight by arched spring washers. no lugs are required. Terminals are suitable to carry wires upto 4mm sq. size. All terminal screws are accessible for wiring from one direction (top) leaving the underneath portion free thus saving space. Terminal marked is provided on the rear plate of the switch with M4 size screw, for connecting earthing wire(s).

Handle/Indication Dial
As a standard, all switches are supplied with a moulded ball type handle and rotating indicating dial having engraved markings filled with white paint as shown in the table of standard range. Handle is indexable on indicating dial by matching serations for any angular displacement to suit individual requirements. On request switches are also supplied with optional accessories like :

  • Machine handle (metallic chrome plated with red ball).
  • 'Wing' type handle.
  • Indicating dial with markings, other than standard.

Motor Control switches, series MC 16 and MC 32 have modular construction. Modules (packets) of 72 x 60 x 13mm dimensions, moulded from selected engineering plastics of antitracking quality, are stacked to form an assembly housing fixed and moving contacts to operate under dust-free atmosphere. A positive and robust indexing mechanism with suitable operating handle fixed on the drive shaft, is coupled to the assembly of contacts to ensure efficient and long electrical and mechanical operations. Earthing terminal is provided externally.

Mechanical life of these switches is 5 million switching cycles approx. Long contact life is however assured due to excellent interrupting capacity which also eliminates necessity of any maintenance.

Frequency of Operation
Recommended for 200 switching cycles per hour (Max.).

Switches can be safely used under temperatures not exceeding 55° C ambient.

Motor Control switches both series (MC16 & MC32) generally comply with specification IS:4064 (Part II)-1978 and are classified under AC3 utilization category as Motor Duty switches.

Executions / Mountings

  • Open Execution (Code X) : For mounting the switch from behind the panel (mounting plate) on 2 holes at 51 Crs by 2 M4 size screws provided.
  • Front Plate Execution (Code FC) : For mounting the switch from the front side of the mounting plate (castings, etc.) on 4 holes size 5mm at 70 Crs at corners. Screws of M4.5 are recommended. Switch is supplied complete with Front Plate, of cast aluminium duly painted, of size 90 x 90mm.sq.
  • Panel Execution (Code P) : For mounting the switch flush at the back of the panel (mounting plate) with 4 screws size M4 mm at 60 Crs at corners provided. Additional 2 tapped holes with M4.5 size screws are provided for fixing the indicating plate.
  • Sheet Steel Housing (Code S) : For mounting the switch on plain surface externally on any machine tool or equipment, where space for inside mounting is not available. The basic switch is mounted in a sheet steel housing having Base and Cover. The Base is to be fixed by means of suitable screws/bolts through 4 holes at 100 x 76 Crs and cover by 4 screws provided with housing. Suitable cable/conduit entry holes 2-OFF 20mm 0 are provided on the rear side blocked by rubber groumets to be pierced at the time of wiring.

Switches carry a guarantee of 12 months from the date of dispatch for satisfactory performance and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Repairs/replacements shall be made free of charge immediately on receipt within this period. This does not cover switches misused or damaged.

Circuit Diagrams of Motor Control Switches With Skirt Engraving
Dimensions :
Standard Range
Switching Data Catalogue Type  Nos.
(3 Pole)
Indicating Dial Markings Degree Throw No. of Positions Length(mm) Normal Rated Current(A) Motor Output 415V  AC Open Execution Front Plate (Cast) Execution Panel Execution Sheet Steel Housing
Kw HP Code  P Code  FC Code P Code S
OFF - ON 1 . 0 45 2 70 16   3 MC 16P2OZ MC 16FC2OZ MC 16P2OZ MC 16S2OZ
25   7.5 MC 25P2O MC 25FC2O MC 25P2O MC 25S2O
32   10 MC 32P2OZ MC 32FC2OZ MC 32P2OZ MC 32S2OZ
40   12.5 MC 40P2OZ MC 40FC2OZ MC 40P2OZ MC 40S2OZ
63 22   MC 63P2O MC 63FC2O MC 63P2O MC 63S2O
80 37   MC 80P2O MC 80FC2O MC 80P2O MC 80S2O
100 41   MC 100P2OZ MC 100FC2OZ MC 100P2OZ MC 100S2OZ
125 45   MC 125P2OZ MC 125FC2OZ MC 125P2OZ MC 125S2OZ
Reversing 1 . 0 . 1 45 3 83 16   3 MC 16P3KW MC 16FC3KW MC 16P3KW MC 16S3KW
25   7.5 MC 25P3K MC 25FC3K MC 25P3K MC 25S3K
32   10 MC 32P3KW MC 32FC3KW MC 32P3KW MC 32S3KW
40   12.5 MC 40P3KW MC 40FC3KW MC 40P3KW MC 40S3KW
63 22   MC 63P3K MC 63FC3K MC 63P3K MC 63S3K
80 37   MC 80P3K MC 80FC3K MC 80P3K MC 80S3K
100 41   MC 100P3KW MC 100FC3KW MC 100P3KW MC 100S3KW
125 45   MC 125P3KW MC 125FC3KW MC 125P3KW MC 125S3KW
Star - Delta Δ . Y . 0 45 3 96 16   3 MC 16P4SD MC 16FC4SD MC 16P4SD MC 16S4SD
25   7.5 MC 25P4SD MC 25FC4SD MC 25P4SD MC 25S4SD
32   10 MC 32P4SD MC 32FC4SD MC 32P4SD MC 32S4SD
40   12.5 MC 40P4SD MC 40FC4SD MC 40P4SD MC 40S4SD
63 22   MC 63P4SD MC 63FC4SD MC 63P4SD MC 63S4SD
80 37   MC 80P4SD MC 80FC4SD MC 80P4SD MC 80S4SD
100 41   MC 100P4SD MC 100FC4SD MC 100P4SD MC 100S4SD
125 45   MC 125P4SD MC 125FC4SD MC 125P4SD MC 125S4SD
System Selector

1 Load

2 Systems
2 . 0 . 1 45 3 83 16   3 MC 16P3CU MC 16FC3CU MC 16P3CU MC 16S3CU
25   7.5 MC 25P3C MC 25FC3C MC 25P3C MC 25S3C
32   10 MC 32P3CU MC 32FC3CU MC 32P3CU MC 32S3CU
40   12.5 MC 40P3CU MC 40FC3CU MC 40P3CU MC 40S3CU
63 22   MC 63P3C MC 63FC3C MC 63P3C MC 63S3C
80 37   MC 80P3C MC 80FC3C MC 80P3C MC 80S3C
100 41   MC 100P3CU MC 100FC3CU MC 100P3CU MC 100S3CU
125 45   MC 125P3CU MC 125FC3CU MC 125P3CU MC 125S3CU
2 Speed    Pole    Changing 2 . 1 . 0 45 3 83 16   3 MC 16P3PC MC 16FC3PC MC 16P3PC MC 16S3PC
25   7.5 MC 25P3PC MC 25FC3PC MC 25P3PC MC 25S3PC
i. Separate    Windings 32   10 MC 32P3PC MC 32FC3PC MC 32P3PC MC 32S3PC
40   12.5 MC 40P3PC MC 40FC3PC MC 40P3PC MC 40S3PC
ii.Dahlander Windings 2 . 1 . 0 45 3 96 16   3 MC 16P4PC MC 16FC4PC MC 16P4PC MC 16S4PC
25   7.5 MC 25P4PC MC 25FC4PC MC 25P4PC MC 25S4PC
32   10 MC 32P4PC MC 32FC4PC MC 32P4PC MC 32S4PC
40   12.5 MC 40P4PC MC 40FC4PC MC 40P4PC MC 40S4PC
2 Speed Reversing Pole Changing 2 . 1 . 0 45 3 83 16   3 MC 16P7PCK MC 16FC7PCK MC 16P7PCK MC 16S7PCK
25   7.5 MC 25P7PCK MC 25FC7PCK MC 25P7PCK MC 25S7PCK
32   10 MC 32P7PCK MC 32FC7PCK MC 32P7PCK MC 32S7PCK
40   12.5 MC 40P7PCK MC 40FC7PCK MC 40P7PCK MC 40S7PCK
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